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CELUI is going to be a large project, so there are a lot of things still to do.
So if you are interested in this project please join in!

The following is a list of things updated at 15 October 2006

The roadmap is a bit in late (A few moths I guess)  :-( 

// After ver 1.0
- Interface to Celestia
- CELUI Freeglut Celestia compiled and running
- Dispatch input between CELUI and Celestia
- Test on Windows
- Test on Linux

// Always valid until ver 1.0
- Verify memory leaks of Allocation-Deallocation through the MemLog system.
- Intercept all the possible CELUI error situations using the ILoggable::log system , remove the usage of the old LOG Macro
- apply new coding convention
- Move log messages out of the code.
- Move unnecessary inline, simplify h files
- Remove unecessary comments

// For Ver. 0.9
- extend Widgets collection: create the complex widgets: trees, grids, calendars, toolbars, spinners
- Implement FormattedText (Refine the functions that converts values to strings and vice-versa)
- Refine dialogs
- Refine EditBox
- Create classes to convert numbers in text and vice versa
- Update the demo program with complex widgets

// For Ver. 0.8
- Implement OpenGL shader support
- Rework the animations stuff using Vertex Shaders
- Redesing from scratch
- Implement the AnimationsManager and key-frame animation
- Implement blinking text with speed and fade effects.
- More GLText animations
- More GLShape animations
- Textured background in windows
- Update the demo program with animations

// For Ver. 0.7 November 2006
- extend Widgets collection: create the simple widgets scroll bars, combo boxes, status button groups, lists, sliders, multiline text, dialogs, msg boxes, edit boxes.
- Add a ini/cfg file management to IApp
- Prepare Hash file writer functions for the ini management
- Implement a file manager to keep track of the loaded files
- implement runtime file load sequence in demo program
- implement a splash screen widget
- Rework MenuItem
- Show submenu triangle indicator
- Keep selected menuitem father highlighted and shadowed
- Hide menu automatically when it looses focus
- Create colors for menu background and for highlighted menuItems
- Menuitems are transparent, only when mouse passes over are colored
- Rework and refine Menu
- Update the demo program with the menus

// For Ver. 0.6 June-October 2006
- Add to IHashable a const std::string* to the File name source of the item
- Add to IHashable a static const std::string* to the current File name.
- Create a IGLTexture base for a hashable Texture and IGLTextureGlyphMap
- Create a hashable Action and a ActionCM (since buttons) Derive IconFont and TextFont from IGLTextureGlyphMap.
- Derive Loader from FileCM
- Add a Compile Method for the IHCM for deferred binding through CM items
- Create a texture visualization widget TextureViewer
- Create a hashable Texture and a TextureCM
- Update demo program and test all basic widgets: window, label, bevel, image, button, status buttons
- Create EShapeStyle object for SysButtons

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CELUI is Copyright (C) Paolo Angeli