CELUI : CELestia User Interface


The development is in progress, but new coders are required.

So if you are interested in this project please join in!

 October '06

The work is proceeding slowly, but Im proud to report that some great improvements are going to be implemented. A new class for the management of the general configuration of the framework is already done and now it is possible to configure and manage all the internal "constants" that now are no more constants but default values. This improvement was long time waited.
A new cross platform FileSystem manager and MessageBox manager was implemented too.

 September '06

The tasks are proceeding slowly. Almost small adjustments and refinements. A very nasty memory bug conviced me to rewrite the demo program using a 3D background.
Another recruitment advertisment on Sourceforge. Some people had answered but none really interested.

 August '06

A new coding convention "more stanradr" is going to be applied in order to allow people that should be interested in joining the project.

 July '06

Many things happened. A long period of pause but now I'm back.


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CELUI is Copyright (C) Paolo Angeli