CELUI : CELestia User Interface


I've created CELUI as a playground in order to learn advanced C++ techniques and basic OpenGL.

CELUI is a project aimed to create a framework useful to create simple OpenGL Graphical user interface for cross platform simulations and games.

Initially I've designed CELUI as a framework specific for Celestia, but now it is more a general Purpose tool similar to PUI.

The differences agains other similar frameworks are:

  • Multiplatform through GLUT or Freeglut;
  • C++ language and STL (standard template library) extended usage;
  • GUI elements loaded at runtime from plain text files instead than software coded;
  • Many visual effects thanks to 2D OpenGL capabilities (gradients, trasparencies, etc);
  • Unicode multilanguage support;
  • Fast OpenGL font rendering through textured fonts;
  • Extended support for animations:
    • Elements (fade, path, stretch, roll, etc. );
    • Text (fade, typewrite, etc. );
    • Images (tiny videos);

In order to allow to other people to be involved:

  • I've commentend large parts of the code.
  • Doxygen documentation with graphic class hierachy is available.
  • A coding convention is available too

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CELUI is Copyright (C) Paolo Angeli